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About Us

The Risman family has been working with house and office alarms since before many people knew what they were. With over twenty five years in the field, they have seen them grow from their most primitive state to the highest order of surveillance systems in the world. What was once considered radical has oftentimes become unfit for the job, and MetroCom has been there every time to change with the times.

New York City saw a lot of crime in the early eighties. Before the Giuliani days, it was fairly routine for business owners to find their establishments in shambles. Alarm technology was up and coming, and many people came to MetroCom to help protect them against petty thieves and criminals. Many years later, the Risman family is proud to still have many of their first customers, many of whom currently have their homes and offices equipped with the latest technological devices.

Over the years MetroCom has reached out into exciting new markets. By traveling to Asia, Europe, and Australia to attend workshops on new equipment and ideas, MetroCom experts have stayed focused on moving into the future. Phone systems and computer networking were first, as MetroCom advised some of New York City’s first financial centers that hosted in-house intranet services. Knowing that it is best for customers to have a single provider for all electronic installations, MetroCom has successfully moved into changing dimensions.

These days, MetroCom still provides much of the five boroughs and tri-state area with telecommunications and computer support, but has also become an industry leader in various new markets. As the primary choice for New York’s major real estate and building owners, MetroCom is one of the city’s leading providers of digital video recording and surveillance systems. In addition, the company has won much of the home automation and home theater installation business that was formerly done by electricians without the proper ways and means to do the job.

In a business with many competitors in the phone book and on the Internet, but not many who can compete with our prices and quality, MetroCom is well aware that we need to stay on top of our game. We know that customers will not keep returning on name recognition alone, and that we must work hard to deliver the most competitive product in this vast marketplace. For t a more then a quarter of a century, this family based business has done anything but maintain the image of a traditional mom and pop operation. By keeping ahead of the pack, and being the one that the others follow, MetroCom has proved itself as the premier supplier and installer of advanced technology. We know that you will feel the same.

The past ten years have brought the most rapid technological advances in modern history. With each passing moment, research is being done that makes our lives safer and more convenient. Here at MetroCom Technologies, we are well aware that the digital world moves a lot faster than most people can follow. As a result, we work rigorously to stay on the cutting edge of everything from custom theater to digital alarm and surveillance. Our experts attend seminars and conferences regularly, and earn the most advanced certifications available. Best of all, we focus on effectively communicating these new technologies to a wide range of customers.

The owners, managers, and field technicians at MetroCom know that informed consumers are our best consumers. More than anything else, it is fulfilling for us to know that you have received the upgrades you wanted. We are aware that buyers purchase our products and services not just because we have the most competitive prices on the east coast, but also because of our track record in customer service. All MetroCom sales representatives are excited to show customers exactly what they will be getting, and what they would have gotten had they gone elsewhere.


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